The Branding

The Branding

At Folie à Trois, we understand that the big picture matters when it comes to branding. We are passionate about combining inclusivity and fashion to create a seamless vision that resonates with our customers. From the design of our jewelry cards to the presentation of our displays, every detail is carefully crafted to embody our brand ethos.

When we first set out to create our brand, we knew that inclusivity and sustainability was a core value that we wanted to prioritize. We wanted every customer to feel seen, heard and represented, regardless of their background, identity, or personal style. To achieve this goal, we knew we had to start at the very beginning - with our jewelry cards.

Our jewelry Cards

Jewelry cards

Our jewelry cards are a crucial part of our branding strategy. They not only showcase our stunning designs but also convey our commitment to inclusivity. We believe that jewelry is a powerful tool for self-expression, and our jewelry cards are designed to reflect this. We carefully select models of diverse backgrounds and styles to feature on our jewelry cards, ensuring that everyone can see themselves represented in our brand.

Furthermore, we understand that fashion is always evolving, and we are committed to keeping up with the latest trends while staying true to our brand identity.

To achieve this, we organize an annual giveaway to represent our customers on our jewelry cards and expand our designs. This process allows us to stay connected to our customers' needs and preferences while maintaining our commitment to inclusivity.

In conclusion, we believe that combining inclusivity and fashion is key to creating a successful and impactful brand. By prioritizing diversity and self-expression in every aspect of our branding, from our jewelry cards to our displays, we are able to connect with a wide range of customers and make a positive impact in the fashion industry.


Sustainability commitment

In addition to our focus on inclusivity and fashion, we are also committed to environmental sustainability. We understand that the fashion industry has a significant impact on the environment, and we are dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint.

One way we do this is through our use of recycled packaging materials. We recognize that packaging is an essential aspect of our business, but we also know that traditional packaging materials contribute to waste and pollution. That's why we have implemented a packaging strategy that prioritizes eco-friendliness.

Our packaging materials are made from recycled and biodegradable materials, including paper and cardboard. We also strive to minimize the amount of packaging we use, without compromising on the safety and integrity of our products.

We believe that every small step counts when it comes to sustainability, and our use of recycled packaging is just one way we are working towards a more eco-conscious future. By prioritizing inclusivity, fashion, and sustainability in every aspect of our branding, we are proud to offer a truly holistic and impactful brand experience for our customers.

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