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Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a popular choice for jewelry due to its unique blend of beauty, durability, and affordability. Its high resistance to corrosion and tarnish, thanks to its chromium content, ensures that pieces retain their shine and finish over time. Additionally, stainless steel is hypoallergenic, making it safe for sensitive skin, and its strength means it can withstand daily wear and tear. These qualities make stainless steel an excellent material for crafting elegant and long-lasting jewelry.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

Renowned for its superior quality and timeless appeal, sterling silver jewelry crafted from 925 Sterling Silver is both waterproof and remarkably durable, making it an excellent choice for daily wear. Adorned with synthetic cubic zirconia rhinestones that closely mimic the brilliance of diamonds, these pieces exude a stunning sparkle. The combination of sterling silver's resilience with the allure of cubic zirconia ensures that these jewelry pieces offer both elegance and longevity.

Acetate Hair clips

Sustainable acetate is a more sustainable and ethical option as it is made from renewable sources and has a lower impact on the environment. The production process of sustainable acetate also uses less energy and generates less waste than traditional acetate.


Our jewelry packaging is designed with sustainability and aesthetics in mind. We use recyclable materials to create our packaging, aligning with our dedication to environmental responsibility. Moreover, our packaging features customized designs that are sure to captivate our clients. Each category boasts a variety of pictures featuring girls, introducing an element of surprise with each order. Experience the thrill of unboxing our jewelry, beautifully presented in eco-friendly and visually appealing packaging.

  • Showroom Trade mart Brussel

    We know you want to see and feel your product that's why you can always come visit us in our flagship showroom in brussels! Our full collection is available there!

  • Tica Aalsmeer

    At TICA, you'll find an extensive collection of home, gift, garden, fashion, and lifestyle products. Folie à Trois is showcasing our phone accessories collection at TICA, perfect for enthusiasts of all lifestyle products. You'll find us there in the atrium!

  • Tica Venlo Concept store

    At this location you will find everything you need for a unique shop-in-shop assortment and great items for a styling job. Don’t miss Folie à Trois, where we’re presenting our phone accessories and jewelry collections—perfect for store buyers looking for the latest trends.