Folie à WHAT?

Folie à Trois – Made for women by women. We craft fine jewellery using sustainable sterling silver and stainless steel, plated with 3 micron 14k gold. Which makes our jewellery long-lasting, waterproof and hypoallergenic.

It doesn't have to stop at jewelry! You can never have enough accessories therefore we have a wide range of cell phone cords, jewelry boxes and all kinds of hair accessories.

Not only are our pieces designed to be affordable, we also aim to be an inclusive brand.

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Folie à Trois is your must-have jewelry brand for the modern woman who seizes the opportunities in her path. The woman who does not compromise on quality. The woman who knows what she wants.

Folie à Trois can already be found in more than 80 stores across Europe and America.

In addition to products with a good price/quality ratio, a good margin and competitive purchase and sales prices, we can guarantee you a good resale from our experience.

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About the Founders

Welcome to our little nook of fashion and jewelry. We are Shaïna and Luna, two women passionate about business, jewelry and fashion.

In our search for affordable, high quality jewelry to complete our outfits, we always ran into the same problem. The good stuff was always linked to an expensive price tag. "That can be different!", we thought. Making quality jewelry available to everyone and not just to the lucky few, that was our goal.

And so began our journey. Folie à Trois was born.