Consignment Information

Consignment Contract: Attached to this page, you will find a sample consignment contract outlining all pertinent details and terms.


Display Material: We offer the option to borrow display materials to enhance the presentation of your products in our store, further boosting their visibility and appeal.

Pricing: The selling prices for consigned items are pre-determined and can be viewed on our website for retail customers. Upon selection, we will provide you with a detailed price list for your specific products.

Consignment Percentage: Our consignment structure operates on tiered percentages:

  • If the consignee (you) sells fewer than 15 items, 75% of the selling price will go to the consignor (us), and the remaining 25% will go to the consignee (you).
  • If the consignee sells more than 15 items but fewer than 25 items, the consignment percentage will be 70% for the consignor and 30% for the consignee.
  • If the consignee sells more than 25 items, the consignment percentage will be 65% for the consignor and 35% for the consignee.
Security Deposit: A security deposit of €250 is required upon pickup or shipping. This deposit will be refunded upon termination of the agreement, provided all terms are met.