General Terms and Conditions


Updated on 26 March 2024

  1. Introduction

These general terms and conditions govern all sales and purchase agreements made with Folie à Trois ("we" or "us") by any visitor to this website, hereinafter referred to as the "customer."

1.1 Identity of the Company

Folie à Trois BV Nieuwenbos 75 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden Belgium VAT ID: BE0746619193 Email: Co-founders: Beeckman Luna & Quiddoes Shaïna

  1. Orders

2.1 Agreement Conclusion

An agreement is deemed valid when an order is placed and payment is completed, or when an order is communicated via email.

  1. Liability

3.1 Product Guarantee

We guarantee that the products we deliver meet the standards of usability, reliability, and lifespan as reasonably intended by both parties under the purchase agreement. This guarantee extends to the manufacturer's warranty for the product.

3.2 Inspection of Delivered Goods

The customer is obligated to inspect the delivered goods immediately upon receipt. Any defects, discrepancies, or incomplete deliveries must be promptly reported in writing to within 10 calendar days of receipt. Failure to report within this timeframe will exempt us from liability.

Please note that the original label must remain intact for returns; removal of the label renders the article ineligible for reimbursement.

3.3 Limitations to Liability

Our liability does not apply if:

A) The customer has modified, repaired, or processed the delivered goods themselves or through third parties.

B) The delivered goods have been subjected to abnormal conditions, mishandling, or usage contrary to our provided instructions and/or instructions for use on the packaging.

  1. Right of Revocation

4.1 Return & Refund Policy

As a business-to-business (B2B) platform, we do not offer the right of revocation, and therefore, returns of items are not possible. In the event of a product defect, please notify our customer service team via email at, providing pictures of the defect. Our team will endeavor to find a suitable solution, which may include issuing a voucher or providing a replacement item. However, please note that once items are resold to third parties, we are unable to intervene or offer further assistance.

  1. Payment

5.1 Secure Payment

All payments are securely processed through electronic platforms. Payment options include Visa, BanContact/MisterCash, Mollie, or bank transfer. Orders will not be processed until payment is successfully completed.

  1. Execution / Shipment

6.1 Order Processing

We normally process orders immediately upon payment confirmation. However, for pre-orders, the execution period may vary. Upon confirmation through an advance payment of 40%, items will enter production. The production time will be communicated to the customer. Please note that we are not liable for delays in production due to unforeseen circumstances. Such delays do not constitute grounds for pre-order cancellation or refund.

6.2 Address Verification

Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their shipping address. Incorrect or incomplete addresses resulting in order returns will incur a compensation fee of €4.95 (BE), covering the cost of a new shipping label for national orders. This applies both to refunds and reshipments in such cases. Additionally, if a parcel is not collected from the post office and is returned to us, no compensation is available.

6.3 Order Cancellations

We do not provide compensation for canceled items, and we are not responsible for products already sold to your customers, as we do not operate as a dropshipping company.

  1. Reselling

7.1 Reseller Eligibility for Inclusion on the Folie à Trois Website

7.1.1 Use of the Folie à Trois Name: Resellers seeking to be featured on the Folie à Trois website ( as a selling point must sell products under the name "Folie à Trois" in accordance with this policy.

7.1.2 Pricing Guidelines: Resellers must sell Folie à Trois products within the pricing range as defined by the Company, which typically includes a markup ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 times the Company's cost price. The Company reserves the right to provide specific pricing guidelines.

7.1.3 Branding Requirements: Resellers must use the official Folie à Trois branding, including logos, trademarks, and other visual assets, as provided by the Company. Any use of the Company's branding must be in accordance with the Company's branding guidelines.

7.2 Non-Compliance and Removal

7.2.1 Non-Compliance: If a Reseller does not comply with the pricing, branding, or other requirements set forth in this policy, they are not eligible to be included as a selling point on the Folie à Trois website.

7.2.2 Removal: The Company reserves the right to remove any Reseller from the list of featured selling points on the Folie à Trois website if they fail to meet the requirements outlined in this policy.

7.3. Inspection Rights

7.3.1 Inspection: The Company retains the right to inspect the stores, websites, or sales channels of Resellers at its discretion to ensure compliance with this policy.

7.3.2 Notice of Inspection: The Company will make reasonable efforts to provide Resellers with advance notice of inspections, but reserves the right to conduct unannounced inspections if circumstances warrant.

  1. Restriction on Reselling

8.1 Prohibition on Marketplace Reselling

The customer acknowledges and agrees that our products are intended for resale through authorized own channels and are not authorized for resale on online marketplaces such as Amazon,, or any other similar platforms, except with prior written consent from Folie à Trois.

8.2 Unauthorized Reselling

Any unauthorized resale of our products on prohibited marketplaces constitutes a breach of this agreement and may result in the termination of the customer's account and legal action, including but not limited to claims for damages and injunctive relief.

8.3 Approval for Marketplace Reselling

Customers seeking authorization for resale on restricted marketplaces must submit a written request to us for approval. Approval, if granted, will be subject to specific terms and conditions outlined in a separate agreement between the customer and Folie à Trois.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the customer confirms their understanding of and compliance with this restriction on reselling our products on prohibited online marketplaces.

  1. Use of Images and Branded Packaging

9.1 Authorized Sales Under Buyer's Own Name

Buyers are authorized to sell our products under their own business or brand name. However, buyers selling under their own brand name are strictly prohibited from using our copyrighted images, logos, or branded packaging for any purpose, including but not limited to marketing, promotion, or resale, without prior written consent from Folie à Trois.

9.2 Copyright Protection

Any breach of our copyright, including the unauthorized use of our images, logos, or branded packaging, will be taken seriously. We reserve the right to take legal action, seek damages, and enforce our intellectual property rights to the fullest extent permitted by law in response to such breaches.

9.3 Request for Image Usage Authorization

Buyers who wish to use our images, logos, or branded packaging for promotional or resale purposes while not selling under our brand name must submit a written request to us for authorization. Authorization, if granted, will be subject to specific terms and conditions outlined in a separate agreement between the buyer and Folie à Trois. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, buyers confirm their understanding of and compliance with these restrictions on the use of our copyrighted content and branded materials.

10.1 Discount Offer

For significant orders, we offer a cashback incentive in the form of vouchers. Here's a breakdown of how it operates: for sales exceeding €5,000, you'll receive a €150 coupon for your subsequent purchase. Should your sales surpass €7,500, you'll receive a €250 coupon, and for sales exceeding €10,000, you'll receive €500.

Please note that this incentive will only be provided in the form of a voucher and will not be issued as real money.

10.2 Voucher Redemption

Vouchers earned through the cashback incentive can be redeemed for future purchases on our platform. They cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to third parties.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the customer confirms their understanding of and compliance with the cashback incentive policy.

  1. Disputes

All disputes arising from this agreement shall be governed by Belgian law.

  1. Binding Agreement

By placing an electronic order for products, the customer declares their agreement with these general terms and conditions, which are binding in all circumstances.