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Mannequin Velvet DISPLAY

Mannequin Velvet DISPLAY

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Show off your jewelry collection like never before with Mannequin Velvet DISPLAY! With different sizes and colors of velvet, you can be sure that your jewelry stands out in any room (no matter how wild the outfit!). Upgrade your collection's look and make a statement with Mannequin Velvet DISPLAY. You won't believe what a difference it will make!


Material: Brass + Velvet


Height: 37-53cmm
Shoulder width: 21cm
Depth: 18cm
Foot width: 15cm

Height: 37-53cmm
Shoulder width: 21.5cm
Depth: 18cm
Foot width: 15cm

Care Instructions

Always keep the jewelry in a dry spot when not in use.

Avoiding harmful chemicals like detergent, handsaniters and other is a must.

If the jewelry is made of Silver it can dull over time. You can always polish it to shine back to it's orginal state.

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The brand

In your search for great accessories for your store, do you keep bumping into the same problem? The good stuff has a hefty price tag!

We believe this can be different. Folie à Trois stands for young, trendy and quality. We always work with waterproof and hypoallergenic materials. We make quality jewelry available to everyone and not just for the lucky few.

  • sustainable material

    We use sustainable and durable material like Sterling 925 and Stainless steel to give longevity to our jewelry. Furthermore our jewelry is made with 3 mircon 14k gold.

  • Belgian Brand

    Folie à Trois can already be found in stores across Europe and America.

    In addition to products with a good price/quality ratio, a good margin and competitive purchase and sale prices, we can guarantee you a good resale from our experience.

  • Woman-owned

    Folie à Trois is your must-have jewelry brand for the modern woman who seizes the opportunities in her path. The woman who does not compromise on quality. The woman who knows what she wants.

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